Wendi McKenna is a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and mother of three incredible, unique beings. As a pediatric doctor of physical therapy, family coach, and founder of Move Play Grow, Wendi helps families have fun from day one.

Wendi merges the science of infant and child development with the art and energy of daily living to support parents to create, trust and live their authentic vision, to connect deeply with themselves and their family, and to love and nurture their babies and children profoundly.

Wendi is growing a community of generous families and professionals who support one another to live our best joyful and fulfilled lives in alignment with our highest calling. There is no relationship more profound than that of parent and child. Wendi is committed to supporting families who want their family to soar.

She loves spending time with her children, letting them show her who they are; growing as a person with her husband by her side; and developing herself and skills as a therapist, educator, coach, martial artist (and belly dancer??) to provide her best to her clients and community. She finds the fun in everything she does.

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